2 Arizona companies collaborate to bring new cannabis technology to market

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A Payson-based biotech company has entered a manufacturing partnership with a cannabis operation also based in Payson as it brings a new way to ingest THC into the Arizona market.

Ally Biotech says its patent-pending Lipofusion technology will be used in oral-delivery products manufactured under the license of Desert Medical Campus Inc., which does business as Uncle Herbs Medibles.

Ally has used its exclusive nanotechnology to develop liposomes — tiny containers holding bioactive payloads that can be delivered in liquid or powder form — made of raw material that protects bioactive products from degradation in the digestive system and improves absorption on the cellular level.

Under Desert Medical Campus’ license, the technology will be used to make water soluble products, and Ally said the two companies will work together on new products, including a line of original shots.

Ally said its developments can help brands stand out in an industry that must keep up with the latest consumer desires.

“The new wave of cannabis consumers value rapid-onset products that are consistent and safe. Ally Biotech science leverages these desired attributes to produce profound advantages for the customer and satisfy untapped market categories,” stated Star Simmons, co-founder and director at Ally Biotech.

Desert Medical Campus has already been producing its Chill Pill Collection of cannabis soft gel capsules. As part of the partnership, Ally is manufacturing raw material for a new Chill Pill in a powder tablet that Desert Medical Campus plans to launch later this year.

Pam Donner, the COO of Desert Medical Campus said the partnership will help her company — which started in 2013 and serves clients nationwide — bolster its reputation for pioneering new technologies.

“By aligning with Ally Biotech, we will continue to solidify our brand portfolio as a true differentiator in the Arizona market,” Donner said in a statement.

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