Missouri veterans fund receives $6.8M from medical marijuana

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In less than a year, medical marijuana has generated more than $113 million in sales in Missouri. And military veterans across the state are benefitting.

Voters overwhelmingly approved the sale and use of medical marijuana in Nov. 2018. A provision in the amendment allows fees and taxes generated by all sales to be transferred to the Missouri Veterans Commission for health care and other services benefiting veterans.

Medical marijuana sold in Missouri is taxed at 4%.

On Thursday, the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) turned more than $6.84 million over to the Missouri Veterans Commission (MVC).

The MVC received its first transfer of funds from the medical marijuana program in Sept. 2020, totaling $2.13 million.

There are more than 140 dispensary facilities in Missouri.

Missouri Wild Alchemy is a locally owned dispensary with two locations in St. Charles County.   

Jason Crady is one of the owners and is also an area first responder.   

“I think that it’s great there is so much uh support for cannabis in the state of Missouri and a lot of funds going to help veterans right now,” he said. 

His business also donates to Fallen Heroes Dream Ride, a local charity assisting Gold Star families. Crady finds it rewarding to know his business is helping in several ways. He expects sales to continue to grow.   

“There’s definitely a strong demand,” he said. “There’s a lot more favorability than we had even thought.” 

Captiva Healing in Crestwood is locally owned. The owners feel good knowing $6.8 million will help support veterans. 

“This is one of the main goals that we set out to accomplish when the medical marijuana program was passed,” said Brad Kemph, one of the owners.  

He also expects sales to grow.

“What we’ve seen is more patients coming in, more patients trying to see cannabis as an alternative treatment for conditions that have ailed them for sometimes years and decades,” Kemph said. 

His business also donates to local charities.  

“We feel an obligation to give back to the community and so that’s why we commit to donating a percentage of our profits to charitable contributions here locally,” said Kemph.  

August was a record-setting month for medical cannabis sales in Missouri, according to the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association. The agency believes sales are on pace to approach or surpass $200 million in sales by the end of the year.  

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