Who Are America's Top Cannabis Employers?

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 For the fourth year running, mg Magazine is compiling its listing of the top employers in the cannabis industry. The annual review process examines the benefits and perks, diversity, and corporate social responsibility efforts of thousands of U.S.-based businesses within multiple operating sectors, including manufacturing, cultivation, distribution, retailing, and ancillary professional services providers.COVID-19 had a tremendous impact on the legal cannabis industry, beginning when the State of California deemed retailers and cultivators "essential businesses.

" Shortly after that, other states followed suit, leading to an unprecedented year of sales growth. Support for legalization among consumers and legislators also grew.

"Support for legalization has never been stronger," said Editor-in-Chief Kathee Brewer. "Now, with close to 70 percent of Americans in favor, the industry has reached a tipping point for federal legalization."

In 2021, as more states opened doors to retail cannabis, job listings across the board dramatically escalated. Experienced professionals and experts are in high demand as companies position themselves to compete in an industry expected to be worth $100 billion by 2030.

In this highly competitive marketplace, cannabis companies exploit innovative methods to attract leading talent while placing equal focus on forward-thinking programs designed to improve retention.

Since 2015, mg Magazine has focused on the businesses and business leaders driving industry growth. In the publication's 2018 survey, the average American cannabis company employed 85 full-time workers. The magazine expects the 2021 survey will reveal that number exceeds 200. Across the country, the industry as a whole employs nearly 400,000 people.

mg Magazine will release its full report on the top cannabis employers in America in December 2021.

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