American Green Launches on eBay™ Featuring the Company’s Premium Hemp Cream and Hemp Lip Balm

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Today American Green (ERBB:OTC) announced that it has begun selling its Premium Hemp Cream and Hemp Lip Balm by expanding its E-commerce presence on eBay. The company is excited to add sales from eBay as another revenue stream and plans to meet or exceed the success it is currently enjoying following its launch on Amazon last December.

David G. Gwyther, American Green’s president, said, “We are thrilled to offer our premium hemp products on eBay.  Our products will be made available with eBay’s “Buy it Now” function and will include free shipping to all US customers.   Consumers throughout the world will now have direct access to American Green’s premium hemp products on eBay.”  Ebay currently has over 185 million users worldwide.

“Over the past year, American Green has been actively expanding the company’s vertical sales channels, and eBay is a great marketplace for that expansion to continue throughout the United States and the world,” said Kevin Davis, Vice President of Online Sales for American Green. “We are constantly evaluating new e-commerce platforms that we believe will further the company’s reach for our popular premium hemp cream and lip balm products,” concluded Davis.

American Green’s Online Emporium continues to demonstrate year-over-year growth and sales of American Green-brand products and now expects to generate more revenue in September 2021 and beyond with eBay added as another income stream.

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