Garbage truck smashes into building, exposing secret marijuana farm

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crash scene of wall smashed exposing grow op

A garbage truck crashed into a building in Michigan, revealing a secret marijuana operation inside, police say.

Sterling Heights police said the garbage truck was swerving to avoid a car Wednesday morning when it smashed into a commercial building, WXYZ reported.

When accident investigators responded to the scene, they discovered what police say is a marijuana grow farm behind the smashed wall, the news outlet reported.

While marijuana is legal for recreational use in Michigan, the grow farm appears to skirt the city’s laws.

“Growing marijuana inside a commercial building is not legal in the city of Sterling Heights,” Sterling Heights Fire Marshal Sean Allen told WJBK. “You need special permits to do that and Sterling Heights does not offer that option.”

No arrests had been announced as of Wednesday afternoon as police continue investigating, WDIV reported.

No one was injured in the crash, the news outlet reported.

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