Colin Hanks On Cannabis And… Handkerchiefs? Appealing To Everyone, From Models To Mechanics

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Colin Hanks has gotten into the cannabis space — well, sort of — with a very unique strategy.

The actor, producer, director and entrepreneur recently partnered up with multi-state cannabis operator Jushi Holdings to sell his Hanks Kerchiefs-branded products at the company’s Beyond / Hello dispensaries – and online. A portion of all sales will go towards assisting California farmers who have been impacted by wildfires, while helping amplify the message of the not-for-profit organizations that support them.

You don’t need to be a multimillion-dollar business for your company to have a charitable component, Colin declared during an exclusive interview. “Every little bit helps.”

Interestingly, and unlike many other celebrities getting into the cannabis game, Colin is not a big stoner. He indulges here and there, socially, but doesn’t make the herb part of his daily routine.

This, however, does not mean he carries any prejudice against cannabis.

“Like a majority of people my age, I think it was not really a big deal when I was growing up,” Colin explained. “I enjoyed it quite a bit in my younger days and always felt that it was something that was not as big a deal as older generations really seem to make it out to be. And so, ironically, I sort of lost interest in it around the time that it started to become a little bit more acceptable in a mainstream sense.”

Still, Colin is happy with this mainstreaming of the plant. In fact, he loves to see “cannabis stores and billboards and things” popping up all over America.

“To me it's just such a non-issue. I'm just so glad that we've somehow been able to collectively get over it. And as soon as people that have been in prison for far too long for these things can be let go, we'll be able to move on with the conversation.”


The Bill Hicks Theory

As Colin delved deeper into his history with cannabis and his more frequent use during younger years, he remembered the acts of comedian Bill Hicks.

“He's got a lot of really funny material about that kind of thing: ‘Have you ever met an aggressive, violent guy? Are they drunk or are they stoned? Chances are they're drunk. They're not stoned,’” Colin reminisced.

“Now, I feel like the way that I have looked at the issue for years has become the conversation now – which I'm grateful for, because then it shows me that I'm not insane, that it wasn't irrational to have that sort of belief.”

And he went on: “I don't believe that alcohol should be illegal. And cannabis serves many more positive functions than alcohol does. The uses [of cannabis] that are positive in nature, I think outweigh any of the negative.”

Colin Hanks

Colin Hanks  JUSHI

But the actor quickly followed up with a warning: cannabis needs to be respected and consumers need to be mindful of the effects it has and can have. “That comes with being an adult and being able to try and look at things from a certain perspective, if you will. But it’s clear cannabis serves a million better uses than alcohol does, and yet people don't flinch at alcohol being legal. So that's really the way that I look at it.”

For Colin, cannabis is like a glass of wine or a cold beer at the end of a long day. “I know a lot of people use it to sleep. I've done that on a few occasions, when needed. There are a bunch of different positive uses for cannabis. So for me, this idea of ‘you can't be some sort of productive member of society because you smoke cannabis,’ that is just simply not true.

“Now, I will say affects different people in different ways,” he added. “But it's fascinating to see how cannabis has evolved and how the conversation around it has evolved. And that to me is, ironically, the kind of conversation that I had been wanting to have about that for a long time when I was incredibly passionate about it.”

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