Cannabis Chemist Looks Beyond Regulatory Compliance to Show How Testing Labs Advance Cannabis Science

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In a presentation to be given at the upcoming Cannabis Science Conference East, Scott Churchill, vice president of scientific development at MCR Labs, will reveal how testing labs can help propel our scientific understanding of cannabis by offering services beyond the standard regulatory compliance testing they perform for licensed producers.


Churchill's presentation, "Expanding Cannabis Knowledge Through Non-compliance Testing," will provide an overview of testing innovations like trend analysis, pathogen speciation, plant nutrient testing, and other research & development-based analyses. He will also touch on how offering testing to home growers in states where it is legal to do so produces additional data points that aid research initiatives and foster a more informed community of growers and enthusiasts.

"Compliance testing is extremely important for keeping consumers safe and for building trust in the cannabis industry," said Churchill, "but labs also have tools and resources at their disposal to accelerate our understanding of the plant so we can grow it more effectively and make better use of the beneficial compounds it can produce."

Third-party testing labs primarily serve to certify products crafted by licensed cannabis cultivators and manufacturers as compliant within the regulations of various legal cannabis markets across the country. In his presentation, Churchill highlights several scientific examinations outside of the compliance structure that his team is pursuing as a means of facilitating and advancing the work producers and researchers are doing with cannabis.

Since shifting his career focus to cannabis in 2013 when he began developing compliance testing methods for MCR Labs, one of the first labs licensed to test for Massachusetts' medical and adult- use marijuana programs, Churchill has worked to expand the impact labs have within the cannabis and hemp industries. "The projects Scott and his team are working on now have the potential to save millions in crops lost to contamination," said Michael Kahn, MCR Labs founder and CEO.

Churchill will be presenting at 9:50 a.m. on day three of the Cannabis Science Conference East taking place Sept. 13 through the 15 in Baltimore, MD. The event is billed as "the world's largest and most technical cannabis science and medical cannabis event."
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