These three things are a drag for those with a high THC tolerance

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The more a person uses cannabis, the more likely it will be to develop a tolerance. As with many other substances, cannabis tolerance occurs naturally as the body gets used to weed and reduces its response to the drug.

While tolerance may be a fix for such issues as bad highs, wild munchies and paranoia, it usually also ushers in a new set of problems.Fortunately, cannabis tolerance is a fairly simple enough problem to solve.

Tolerance breaks are popular for a reason, and by taking a break from weed for a couple of weeks, the body is likely to experience a stronger and revitalized response to the drug.

It’s best to keep an eye out for these three problems associated with developing a high THC tolerance.

Less therapeutic effect

Developing a high tolerance for cannabis means that a person won’t get as high as previously. For everyday users, this can be a bummer, but for people who use cannabis for therapeutic or relief purposes, it’s likely to be more significant.

Keeping track of how often and how much weed is consumed will prove an important tool for managing this.

It may also helps to consume cannabis in different forms, different strains and at different times of the day, since this will likely switch up the effects a consumer experiences.

Spending more money

The higher a person’s tolerance, the more likely it is that he or she will need more weed in order to experience some sort of effect. To minimize this, instead of buying more cannabis, switching up the traditional consumption method is also a good idea. Even a small change from cannabis flower to vape cartridges might do the trick.

Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal

Developing a high THC tolerance is not the end of the world. It’s an expected outcome after consuming marijuana habitually.

If a user starts consuming cannabis every day, then he or she will likely develop withdrawal symptoms when consumption is lowered, either intentionally or by necessity. Should that be the case, expect symptoms such as headaches, mood changes, altered sleep and more, and take the situation as an opportunity to facilitate a tolerance break.

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