Hemp And CBD Beverages Among The Top Trends Set To Shape Soft Drinks Industry

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Hemp and CBD-infused beverages are just one of the trends that is set to shake up the global soft drinks industry over the coming years, according to new research from GlobalData.

The non-alcoholic drinks sector saw growth of 0.9% between 2015 and 2020, due to a challenging landscape that has seen producers battle rising costs, sugar taxes, packaging legislation and the COVID-19 pandemic.

This in turn has led to increase efforts to reformulate products, develop novel new flavours and seek new ways to engage with shoppers, GlobalData said.

“Beverage flavours are arguably the most important factor in determining consumer purchasing decisions, with 29% of global consumers stating they would happily try a new drink flavour out of simple curiosity," commented Holly Inglis, beverages analyst at GlobalData.

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