Kevin Durant wants to shut down marijuana stereotypes in sports

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Kevin Durant


Nets star Kevin Durant will be partnering with Weedmaps, an online market that sells marijuana. In the process, Durant wants to prove stereotypes made on marijuana usage in sports wrong. On the Boardroom, CEO Rich Kleiman sat down with the 2X NBA Champion and Weedmaps CEO Chris Beals on this matter. In the discussion, Durant kept things real:


“The band aid has been ripped off. In the sports world, it’s kind of an undercover thing that players use cannabis and used it while they were actively playing. I always thought that was an interesting thing, even as I started coming into the league. You hear the conversation more and more around the league about it.”

As cannabis continues to rapidly get acceptance by not only society, but the sports world, the Nets forward wants to be a part of that change:

“I thought it was always interesting that the rest of the world was a little slower to be open about cannabis and its use — Athletes are still being tested four times a year for cannabis. It just felt like the world was starting to close in on how people felt about the use of cannabis and now it’s just an open dialogue and it’s been amazing to hear.”

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