Five Things to Know Before Ordering Weed Delivery in Denver

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Denver history was made last week when the city's first legal recreational marijuana deliveries took place. After a soft launch, Doobba, Denver's first marijuana delivery service, is now handling orders from the public for Strawberry Fields dispensary, with plans to partner with more stores in the near future. (Originally posted on Westword-Herbert Fuego)

We were lucky enough to get on the list for Doobba's first round of deliveries, and the transaction was smooth and simple enough. But ordering weed isn't the same as ordering pizza or booze, and you'll need  to know a few things before getting text updates regarding your ounce of GMO ZKittlez.

There will be speed bumps
Hey, this isn't just new. It's unique. Marijuana delivery has more rules than alcohol or prescription drug deliveries, and more rules usually bring extra steps and a longer wait. That's not factoring in the geographical size of Denver, either. Until dozens of dispensaries offer the service in Denver and employees are up to speed, expect deliveries to take an hour or longer. Drivers are only allowed to carry a certain amount of product in their cars, and they're not rolling dispensaries — they need to return to the store to fill your order. Text alerts should keep you updated, though, so it's not like your weed dealer texting "On my way," only to show up twelve hours later.

These delivery services aren't allowed to operate under the Uber Eats app, and Apple just started allowing retail marijuana services back in the App Store, so expect the websites to run in a way that's slightly different from what you're used to. Wonky laws surrounding online payment add layers of learning to the ordering process, as not all dispensaries or delivery services can accept pre-payment. Although cards are accepted in person, the quickest route is still to pay in cash, so make sure what's allowed before pressing "order."

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