Family and friends mourn death of teen who inspired families to explore cannabis for seizures

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CALGARY -- The death of 15-year-old Mia Wilkinson has rocked her family and friends, the teen girl passed away suddenly on August 12.

“It really hits home and it's gut wrenching,” said Kendra Myhre, a long-time friend of the family.

“I am so upset and hurt and devastated.”

Mia was diagnosed with Ohtahara syndrome when she was a baby, which causes her to have severe seizures and sometimes she could have up to 100 episodes every day. When Mia was about seven years old, her mom Sarah explored cannabis oil and it changed Mia’s life.

Since then, Sarah has worked to educate and counsel other families about the benefits of cannabis for children who suffer from severe seizures.

Myhre’s son was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome and he suffered a similar plight as Mia.

“We reached out to Sarah and she helped us out,” said Myhre. “The first time we gave him cannabis oil was the first time he went 24 hours without a seizure.”

Myhre says Mia’s death has impacted others like her who look at Mia and Sarah as pioneers around cannabis as medication for seizures in children.

“Mia and Sarah have chipped way on this beaten down road and laid this paved ground for other parents and families to find alternatives for their children that work,” said Myhre.

The community has come together and create a GoFundMe page to help the family out with funeral expenses.

The link can be found here

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