Using Hemp To Build Bridges Between Canada And China: The Mary AG Story

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Despite frosty international relations, one company is using hemp to build bridges between Canada and China.

Mary AG signed a memorandum of understanding this week to create an in-depth partnership with CBDer Biotechnology.

The partnership marks Mary AG's first application of farm-level technology, taking its knowledge in automated systems and applying that expertise to a holistic, controlled growing condition that incorporates automated plant health assessment.

Mary AG's joint ventures Yunnan Moquan and CBDer are currently the only companies licensed for indoor industrial hemp cultivation in China's one and only legalized province for cannabinoid extraction.

A founding member of the Industrial Hemp branch of China National Narcotic Drugs Association, CBDer is also an R&D partner with KPC Pharmaceuticals (SSE: 600422) in breeding high CBD potency hemp cultivars.

“What if CBD and other cannabinoids are produced with Canadian or EU-GMP standards, but in China?” asks Frank Qin, CEO of Mary Agrotechnologies.

“The country accounts for 40% of global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient supply and with more stringent QC/QA procedures, the country has the potential to emerge as the powerhouse of CBD for the world too, if done right. And this is where Mary Agrotechnologies plans to come in,” Qin adds. 

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