California company to make cannabis paper for 'rolling smokables, marijuana cigarettes and flavoured blunt wraps'

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U.S.-based Green Globe International, Inc. (GGII) is advancing its mission to disrupt tobacco with its intent to obtain the patent to manufacture the “world’s first-ever paper made entirely from cannabis.”

GGII reported this week that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire the patent filed a few years back, reports the company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hempacco Co., Inc. that manufactures herb and hemp CBD cigarettes.

The plan is to obtain the full rights to the technology, which is protected by a patent filed with the United States Patent Office, from inventor John Ostrander.

The patent relates to technology for a pliable sheet “manufactured for use with smokable substances. The pliable sheet is completely sourced from female plants of the cannabis genus. Source species include cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, or a blend thereof.”

Following processing and drying, “flavouring and aromatic elements can be incorporated into the pliable sheet to enhance a smoking experience.”

Looking ahead, GGII’s focus will be to license the patent to cannabis companies to make weed rolling paper and wraps, as well as machine-made marijuana cigarettes. As it stands, the company’s primary interest lies in making cannabis paper for “rolling smokables, for manufacturing machine-made marijuana cigarettes and for flavoured marijuana blunt wraps.”

Earlier this year, the company announced its new cannabis initiative and the patent would help advance those efforts. Once the deal is finalized, “GGII will own the exclusivity to make paper from marijuana for any purpose and for any use,” notes the company statement.

“The exclusive ability to manufacturer marijuana-made paper will provide us with first-mover advantage and establish us as a market leader within the exploding marijuana rolling paper and blunt wrap industry,” says GGII CEO Sandro Piancone.

GGII expects to license the marijuana cigarette technology and the manufacturing intellectual property to make cannabis paper on a state-by-state basis in the U.S. Internationally, the idea is to proceed country by country, starting with Canada.

“In joining the GGII team, I now have the resources to go out and monetize the patent by licensing it to cannabis companies all over the country, including Canada, Mexico and the European Union,” said Ostrander, who will join the company.

As part of his new post, he will lead a newly created team to begin commercializing the patent-pending technology primarily through retail and wholesale licensing agreements.

“This ground-breaking technology should enable us to provide consumers with a higher quality and healthier alternative to the rolling papers and blunt wraps currently available in the marketplace,” Piancone says, citing the chemical and ingredients that are often included.

Just last month, GGII announced it had reached a distribution agreement that will see the rollout of its products in casinos and gaming facilities in the U.S.

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