Not too late to cash in on New Mexico's green rush

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If you are wanting to cash in on New Mexico's green rush, it is not too late.

Linda Trujillo is the superintendent of the New Mexico Licensing and Regulation Department. She said those who want to grow cannabis should be able to get their provisional license by Aug. 22.

“The provisional license does not let you start functioning or operating as a cannabis business, but it does at least give you that assurance so that you can then go on and get the things that you must pay for and your local stuff and then come back to us and show us that you have got it and then get licensed to start operating,” said Trujillo.

Those wanting to sell will have to wait a little longer to get their provisional license.

“We have to have that ready at least by January of next year. Our goal is to try to have it ready by October or November,” said Trujillo.

Provisional licenses could cost up to $2,500 depending on business size.

Trujillo said while those licenses are not ready to apply for yet, it is never too early to start doing your research, especially when it comes to city zoning.

“Those legal hurdles that you're talking about as far as zoning and where you are in proximity to, say, a school or a childcare center that's going to be determined by the local level, that's not something that the state will have any authority over,” said Trujillo.

She also said those interested in getting into the industry should do their research and establish a business plan.

“It's not going to be in anyone's best interest if folks just jump into it. An entrepreneur jumps into the business without having a plan for how they are going to succeed. That is the most important thing you can do right now,” said Trujillo.

The state of New Mexico must let vendors sell marijuana recreationally by April 1 of next year.

People will be able to apply for their licenses to operate even after that date.

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