First-Ever Legal Marijuana Delivery Made in Massachusetts

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Freshly Baked, a small business in Taunton made history Monday afternoon by implementing the first-ever legal marijuana delivery.

Freshly Baked is the first licensee to receive authorization to start conducting delivery service in the Commonwealth, the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) tweeted. A large win for a market that has only been legal for under five years.

The groundbreaking delivery went directly to the founders' home, part of a test run before the company starts taking real orders from the public next week.

The first recipient of the Freshly Baked delivery being one of the co-owners, Jenny Roseman who received her order from her partner Phil Smith. An article from the Boston Globe says the two are veterans who bonded over how cannabis has helped with their anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder, saying they want their newfound delivery business to help veterans who struggle in public places and may not want to leave home.

Freshly Baked is working with an online cannabis delivery platform called Lantern to accept orders and will operate within a 15 mile radius of the Taunton area.

But it may be a little while before we start seeing recreational marijuana deliveries everywhere; as Freshly Baked is one of eight companies in the final or preliminary stages of getting approved as couriers, and with the CCC only approving of licenses for small companies that could use the extra business.

Becoming the first legal delivery service was no easy task - the small business had to follow specific protocols from the CCC. Part of their license says they are only allowed to deliver pre-prepared goods and there is a limit on how much product they can produce. The rules also state that vans must be unmarked and manned by two employees with cameras, a GPS tracker and a secure storage area. Because of this, Freshly Baked will be sending out deliveries the next day, ensuring safety and following the specific guidelines.

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