fbpx Hong Kong police seize $7 million worth of cannabis in largest bust in a decade

Hong Kong police seize $7 million worth of cannabis in largest bust in a decade

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Three men are under arrest following one of the largest cannabis busts in Hong Kong in a decade.

According to the South China Morning Post, police allegedly seized HK$45 million ($7 million) worth of drugs after raiding the 5,000-square-foot indoor grow.

“Initial investigation shows the two mainland men came to the city from Zhuhai by a speedboat about a month ago and were paid more than HK$10,000 ($1,500) to work as farmers in the indoor cannabis farm,” an unidentified source told SCMP. 

The men, both aged 52, were allegedly not allowed to leave the site. A third suspect, a 49-year-old local resident, is believed to have been in charge. Police allege the operation is tied to a local drug trafficking crew.

Along with growing equipment, police seized more than 600 plants as well as two kilograms of product that was packaged and ready for sale.

The investigation is ongoing and the police still need to find the owner of the site. They believe the cannabis was intended for local distribution.

The three men were arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis as well as trafficking in a dangerous drug, which can lead to life imprisonment. They have not yet been charged and are being held for questioning.

Over the last year, customs officials in Hong Kong have sounded the alarm about cannabis and cannabis products being imported into the country at rising rates, including by teenagers.

In 2019, customs officials blamed Canada for an alleged 500 per cent increase in cannabis seizures, arguing that legalization had changed the perception of cannabis in Hong Kong.

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