Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The 10 Best Cannabis Accessories

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Every cannabis lover has their favorite stash of accouterments, be it books, smoking accessories, or fashion statements. Why should it be any different for marijuana moms? Whether your mom is new to the cannabis game or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find a perfect selection with this Mother’s Day gift guide for cannabis accessories. Or choose from a selection of THC gifts and hemp and CBD selections for Mother’s Day.

The cover of 'Feminist Weed Farmer' by Madrone Stewart

'Feminist Weed Farmer' by Madrone Stewart



Feminist Weed Farmer (Book) Weed is powerful medicine and growing your own is as empowering as it gets. Experienced Humboldt farmer Madrone Stewart shares her hard-won knowledge gained from years of growing cannabis, Zen meditation, and surviving as a woman in a male-dominated industry. She walks you through the big picture and each detail of growing backyard plants, from selecting seeds to harvest and processing. Humorous, sage, and with a big heart, each chapter is infused with what she’s learned about equalizing the weed industry, applying mindfulness to pest management, and the importance of owning each step of the process. If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own pot or make hash or kief at home, this book is your wise guide. Available online from Microcosm Publishing. For an extra special treat, get Mom’s garden started with a pack of quality cannabis seeds from Seed Vault of California.

A woman sitting on a stoop displaying a Mexican Sugar Skull Bong from Mota Glass.

Mexican Sugar Skull Bong from Mota Glass.


Mota Glass If Mom needs a new bong this year, check out the selections from Mota Glass of Los Angeles. Owned by a woman and a military veteran, both of whom are members of the Latinx community, Mota Glass was launched in 2020 to address two issues facing the functional glass industry: the mass importing of functional glass which lowers quality and devalues local production and the continued marginalization of an overworked and underpaid workforce. Choose from a selection of beaker bongs, bubblers, and pipes, including the Signature Art Series featuring the Mexican Sugar Skull Bong, which celebrates culture and love of cannabis. Available online. Get 15% off and free shipping for Mother’s Day with discount code MOTAMOM.

The rosette collection of discreet and pretty bongs from My Bud Vase.

The rosette collection of discreet and pretty bongs from My Bud Vase.



My Bud Vase If a dainty bong is more your mom’s style, check out the selections of pretty and feminine smoking ware from My Bud Vase. The creation of serial entrepreneur Doreen Sullivan, My Bud Vase designs pieces with the aim of normalizing home consumption and creating a more aesthetically pleasing water pipe. Treat your mom with one of two specials for Mother’s Day. Buy a rose bong and receive a free hemp body butter with discount code MOMROSE or buy one rosette bong and get a second one free with code MOMROSETTE. Available online.

A model wearing cannabis leaf earrings and necklace from High Point Jewelry.

Cannabis-themed fine jewelry from High Point.


High Point Jewelry Let mom show off her love for the plant with a selection from High Point, the world’s premier artisan-designed cannabis and hemp-inspired jewelry company. Known for its high quality at affordable prices, High Point offers a stunning collection featuring high-end necklaces, pendants and earrings with diamonds and rare gemstones. High Point is the original designer of the famous “Molecule” collection of THC and CBD jewelry and has an unsurpassed selection of premium sterling and gold-accented leather braided bracelets. Available online.

A collection of 'stonerware' bongs from Summerland with botanical props against a striped background.

A collection of 'stonerware' bongs from Summerland.


Summerland Bongs Unapologetically dubbed “stonerware,” Summerland uses the highest quality lead-free and food-safe ceramic clay to create stylish bongs and pipes, giving them a pleasing, raw and tactile feeling when held in the hands. Extremely durable and easy to clean, all of Summerland’s products are hardened in a kiln at more than 2167°F to give them the durability of quality mugs and dinnerware. Designed by the ritual of connection with nature, Summerland pieces are proudly built in Northern California from the Earth itself. Available online.

The Boost EVO cannabis concentrate vaporizer from Dr. Dabber in Moon White.

The Boost EVO cannabis concentrate vaporizer from Dr. Dabber in Moon White.


Boost EVO Vaporizer Cannabis concentrates continue to gain in popularity, but many people find using a glass dab rig and butane torch too much of a hassle and a bit over the top. As an electric and self-contained vaporizer, Boost EVO makes dabbing easy and accessible for everyone. The Boost EVO has a patent-pending temperature control sensor built in and six calibrated heat settings, allowing the device to deliver a consistent hit every time. The powerful rechargeable battery heats the Boost EVO to the proper temperature in only about eight seconds, with enough juice for about 60 hits with a single charge. Available online from Dr. Dabber.

Four PAX Era Life vaporizers in different colors arranged in an arc pattern against a white background.

The Era Life cannabis vaporizer from PAX.


PAX Era Life Vaporizer If a portable vape pen is more your mom’s style, the newest addition to the PAX Era family of cannabis vaporizer devices might make the perfect gift. Created for the on-the-go consumer, Era Life delivers the most effortless, easy-to-use experience without compromising on full flavor, vapor or consistency. The beautifully designed Era Life brings together a high-performance battery with PAX’s most compact device yet. Era Life works with any PAX Era pod, featuring curated, high-purity cannabis produced by one of PAX’s carefully selected partners across the country. Era Life is available online in four new vibrant colors including Onyx, Grass, Blaze, and Indigo.

The Endo DNA test kit for DNA analysis.

The Endo DNA test kit for DNA analysis.


Endo DNA With an untold number of cannabis strains and dozens of different product types available, walking into a dispensary can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. Add to this the fact that not everyone will respond to the same product in the same way, deciding which to choose can seem downright puzzling. That’s where Endo DNA can help. By collecting and analyzing a user’s genetic code in a process akin to other home DNA kits, Endo DNA reveals which cannabinoid products may be most useful. With information including which cannabinoids to take and in what ratio, an Endo DNA report can help mom create her own wellness journey by discovering the ideal dose, which terpenes can provide the most benefits, and which to avoid. Available online. Get 25% off a DNA test kit and data upload with code endomama.

Cannabis being poured into the Ardent FX infusing and baking device.

The Ardent FX cannabis infusing and baking device.


Ardent FX Help mom discover the world of homemade infused treats with the Ardent FX, affectionately known as the Easy-Bake Oven for cannabis edibles. The new Ardent FX is an all-in-one, portable cannabis kitchen that fully activates your plant material including flower, kief or concentrates, and has settings to infuse, cook and bake right inside the device. A wealth of educational information including recipes and how-to guides is available online from Ardent, a Black woman-owned company led by cannabis activist and patient Shanel Lindsay. The Ardent FX, accessories, and more are available online.

An image of the cover of 'Cannabis Drinks: Secrets to Crafting CBD and THC Beverages at Home' by Jamie Evans with two cannabis cocktails.

'Cannabis Drinks: Secrets to Crafting CBD and THC Beverages at Home' by Jamie Evans.


Cannabis Drinks: Secrets to Crafting CBD and THC Beverages at Home (Book) Cannabis comes to the cocktail hour with this book from author Jamie Evans, founder of The Herb Somm, who says that cannabis drinks are the perfect introduction to infused products, especially for moms. With the low-dose options now available, these tasty beverages are approachable and provide a similar experience to drinking a glass of wine without the hangover. For moms who love to make their own drinks, there are many ways to craft cannabis beverages at home, making them a great fit for any occasion and a wonderful alternative to alcohol. Whether it’s infused tea, low-dose cider, seltzers or nonalcoholic cannabis-infused wine, there’s a cannabis drink for every palate. Cannabis Drinks is available online from popular book retailers.

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