First CBD Products Validated in UK Novel Food Application Process

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The U.K.’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) announced that the first cannabidiol (CBD) products—23 various capsules, oils and flavored tablets—have been validated to continue through the "novel food" application process.

FSA will update the list on a weekly basis until it completes it, which it plans to do in June. The agency notes that “validation is not the same as authorisation” and that it is not endorsing the products’ sale.

The companies with products on the list so far are Pureis; and 4MP Technologies, which co-applied with Cannabis Pharma s.r.o. and CBDepot.

The classification of CBD as a novel food means that each product will need to undergo safety studies. It follows a decision from the United Nations Commission for Narcotic Drugs ruling that the cannabinoid is no longer a narcotic drug, as Hemp Grower previously reported.

“This is about bringing the CBD industry into compliance with the law,” FSA Chief Executive Emily Miles said in a statement. “Consumers need to be able to trust that these products are safe and are what they say they are. Companies were given until the end of March to submit their applications for safety assessment. Those who haven’t done this should take their products off the market.”

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