Uber would add home delivery of marijuana as part of its business

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More and more cities and countries are leaning towards the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis , which opens up many business possibilities. Uber does not plan to be left behind and is already considering adding home delivery of marijuana to its portfolio of services.

Dara Khosrowshahi , CEO of Uber , said the company could deliver cannabis through its private transportation network. This as soon as the federal regulation in the United States is approved and depending on how the legislation is.

“When the path is clear for cannabis, when federal laws come into play, we are definitely going to take a look at it. (...) We are excited even though we have to review the law and that will take time , "Khosrowshahi said in an interview with CNBC .

The CEO of Uber assures that, for now, the company will focus on the services that it can offer and that have brought it good results: the delivery of food, medicine and alcoholic beverages.

"For now, with the grocery store, food, alcohol, etc., we see a lot of opportunities out there and we are going to focus on the opportunity that we have at hand," said the CEO of the company.

A few months ago, Uber bought the Drizly platform, dedicated to the delivery of alcoholic beverages at home for $ 1.1 billion in shares and cash. Drizly operates in 1,400 cities and the idea is to integrate it with Uber Eats to bring drinks such as beer, wine or spirits to its users.

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