A guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day with cannabis

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Callie Mclaughlin is a Shop Lead at Tokyo Smoke and supports the community events team for all Tweed and Tokyo Smoke stores across Manitoba. She’s been working for Canopy Growth for more than two years — this means, she’s basically a veteran in this industry.

When she’s not in the shop recommending Hindu Kush to yet another guest you can find her building furniture, riding her bike, or hosting friends for dinner — lately, it’s been virtual.

What questions do first-time users ask when looking to experiment with cannabis in the bedroom?

I find the most common response or question is, “How do I choose a strain that will match the mood I’m looking to achieve in the bedroom?” The Tokyo Smoke brand is designed to serve any purpose and need. With our signature Intent System (Go, Rise, Equalize, Ease and Pause), customers can better understand cannabis products and make informed, personalized purchases based on how they wish to incorporate cannabis — whether that’s in the bedroom or in their everyday life!

What type of weed products are a hit among couples?

Soft Gels and Flower are a big hit!

A Soft Gel allows you and your partner to ease into your high — slowly and calmly. On the other side, rolling up a joint or packing a bowl allows for a sharing element with your partner so you know you’re experiencing everything together.

With either of these formats, especially for new users, some popular choices include Tweed Penelope and Tweed Argyle. For more experienced users we find that customers love DNA Lemon Skunk for more uplifting and Tokyo Smoke Pause for a more relaxed experience.

Callie Mclaughlin is a Shop Lead at Tokyo Smoke and supports the community events team for all Tweed and Tokyo Smoke stores across Manitoba.

If looking to make a Canadian gift basket, which products are a must?

Number one on my recommendation list is cannabis-infused bath bombs! This is a great item to use alone, or share with a partner — for new users and experienced! I’m loving the Eve & Co. Dreamer Bath Bomb, which is currently available in Ontario stores via Click and Collect. You can search your local store’s online menu here.

The second pick is bubbles! Skip the hangover and pour some cannabis beverages in a champagne flute! My go-to’s are Houseplant Grapefruit with 2.5 mg of THC and Quatreau Cucumber and Mint Sparkling Water with 20 mg of CBD.

Number three & four: candy and chocolates! If you don’t receive a sweet treat is it even Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day? Some of my favourites are the Olli Brands Dragon Fruit Chew and the Tokyo Smoke Go chocolates or the Tweed Bakerstreet and Peppermint chocolates.

Number five would definitely be a lotion. Who doesn’t love a massage?! I recommend checking out the Liv Relief Transdermal 1:1 Cream.

What should one try when it comes to improving women’s sexual health?

Bath bombs are a great option. You should also check out theApothecanna Body Cream, which is currently available in select provinces across Canada via Click and Collect. My favourite trick with the Body Cream is to try refrigerating it for an extra refreshing sensation.

CBD versus THC: What’s better for boosting sexual experience?

As always, everyone’s experience with cannabis is personal and it might take time to figure out what’s best for you. Start by asking yourself a few questions. Do I want to feel something quickly? Try flower! Do you want something slow and tasty? Maybe a gummy is best for you! Do you want to just overall relax? Try CBD to help ease your mind and body.

Our Education Specialists are always ready to help customers become more cannabis savvy and discover the recreational cannabis products that suit them best. Check out your local store to talk to an Education Specialist and make an informed purchase based on what’s right for you. If you’re using Click and Collect to shop, you can always call a store to consult an Education Specialist.

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