Travel To Italy With Cannabis Edibles Inspired By Traditional Italian Desserts

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With the coronavirus pandemic stubborn to release its grip on countries around the globe, travelers are being asked to continue stifling their wanderlust for the foreseeable future. And while the shutdown of leisure travel is hardly the most significant impact of the outbreak, it has left many world explorers desperate for the taste of a faraway locale.

To fill the void left by canceled itineraries, alternatives including online guided tours of historic city centers and must-see museums have become a popular choice for vicarious visitors. And now, Californians can elevate their virtual travels with a new line of cannabis edibles that are inspired by traditional Italian desserts.

Amazing Faraglioni cliffs panorama with the majestic Tyrrhenian sea in background. Capri island, Campania region, Italy.

Amazing Faraglioni cliffs panorama with the majestic Tyrrhenian sea in background. Capri island, ... [+]


The creation of Simone D’Antonio, a classically trained chef and chocolatier from the Amalfi Coast, the new confections from Mammamia combine the flavors of his native Italy with the finest cannabis from his adopted home of California. Each is based on a traditional Italian dessert, and in combination represent a culinary journey through the Old Country.

“I tried cannabis-infused edibles for the first time here in California and realized that something was missing...the Italian touch,” D’Antonio said in a press release. “I’m inspired to use my culinary skills and background to create an innovative and delicious product while paying homage to my home country.”

Take A Trip To Capri With A Torta Caprese

The first offerings from Mammamia are inspired by the Torta Caprese, a chocolate flourless cake that was invented on the island of Capri more than 100 years ago. In a virtual interview, D’Antonio notes there is a beautiful love story behind the creation of the traditional dessert, referred to in Italian as “Uno dei pasticci più fortunati della storia, which translates to ‘One of history’s most fortunate mistakes.’”

According to the legend, during a visit to the Mediterranean island, the King of Naples’ wife, who was an Austrian princess by birth, was craving the famous chocolate dessert from her homeland, the Sacher torte. But when the king ordered the dish for her, the local chefs did not know how it was made. Forced to improvise, they created a decadent blend of chocolate and almond. D’Antonio says Capri is now famous for the dessert, as well as the Torta Bianca, a mix of almond, white chocolate, and limoncello that is a lighter version of its more traditional cousin.

Two chocolate cannabis edibles depicted with their stylized tin.

Mammamia Capri Cacao cannabis-infused dessert.


For Mammamia’s iterations of the desserts, D’Antonio drew on his training from Alma, Italy’s most prestigious culinary school, and his chocolatier degree from Accademia Cioccolatieri Italiana to create Capri Cacao and Capri Lemon, available at Sweet Flower cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles. Both varieties are infused with a mix of cold-water hash and cannabidiol (10 milligrams of THC and 5 milligrams of CBD per serving) that is designed to impart a relaxing yet uplifting feeling reminiscent of the traditional dish’s birthplace.

“As we like to say, the THC makes you feel active, the CBD makes you feel calm, and the 2-to-1 ratio makes you feel like you're in Capri... a gorgeous sunny day on a beautiful Mediterranean island,” explains D’Antonio.

The tasty treats are packed two to a 1.7-ounce package in attractive tins with an aesthetic that D’Antonio notes is a nod to Italy’s Golden Age of La Dolce Vita. He says that the desserts are the perfect way to transport yourself on an Italian holiday while still at home, particularly when complemented with time spent in the kitchen cooking appropriate fare and his curated Capri playlist on Spotify.

Two lemon-flavored cannabis-infused cakes pictured with their stylized tin.

Mammamia Capri Lemon cannabis-infused dessert.


“The most beautiful things in life are meant to be shared, which is a very Italian outlook,” says D’Antonio. “We made the Capri tin with two cakes for that reason, so you can share it with someone - a spouse, a date, a friend, whomever - and it enhances the overall experience.”

Future stops on Mammamia’s cannabis-infused culinary tour of Italy are now in development for release later this year, although D’Antonio is keeping the exact destinations a closely guarded secret for now. But with a rich and varied cuisine characterized by distinct regional differences, he is confident the next spot on the itinerary is sure to satisfy.

“I can't tell you what it is just yet, except that it’s chocolate, it comes from the north of Italy, and we’re very excited about it,” D’Antonio hints. “I think you will be, too.”

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