Five things to make with leftover cannabis stems

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(image: There’s room at the table for versatile weed stems. / PHOTO BY ЕЛЕНА РУБАН / ISTOCK / GETTY IMAGES PLUS)


A Mason jar’s worth of seeds and about a week’s time will be needed to make tinctures.

One of the old adages of weed smoking has been to exclude sticks and stems. While true in smoking, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a place at the table for those remaining little twigs.

In fact, cannabis stems are incredibly versatile and rather easy to put to use. With just a few items, these once unwanted elements can be put to highly effective use. Instead of tossing out a valuable piece of the plant, try reusing them in several ways.

Make a hot drink

Stems work well with teas and other hot drinks like cocoa thanks to its relatively quick infusion process and its potent effects. Those who want to give it a go will need to decarboxylate the stems and grinding them down before placing in a filter as would the case with tea. In a few minutes, you should have a strong cup of chai.


Sometimes referred to as Green or Golden Dragon, all it takes to create a batch is some stems and high potent grain alcohol. A Mason jar’s worth of seeds and about a week’s time will be needed, as is light daily maintenance to ensure the process is moving along smoothly. After about a week, strain the mixture, and enjoy what should be a fast-acting consumption method.


Marijuana stems are perfect for infusing butter to be used in an array of recipes. Grind approximately an ounce of stems in a food pan and mix with the butter. Simmer for a little less than an hour and let the combined ingredients cool in the refrigerator until the mix reaches an ideal consistency.


Stems can be used in infusing topicals, with some people reporting these can be used to treat conditions ranging from muscle pains to bug bites. With the ability to make options from skin lotion to lip balm, several methods and recipes can get a person started on his or her own personal creations.

Cannabis extracts

Extracted cannabis products offer consumers a more potent consumption experience. With stems, there are two approaches to creating hash. One is a more time-consuming process, taking several hours to complete. Another method involves using rubbing alcohol, a bit of shaking and a coffee filter that takes mere minutes.

Whatever option a person chooses, remember that marijuana stems are worth keeping around for a rainy-day project. Store them in a jar or sealed bag until there are enough to put them to use.


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