5 Countries To Visit For The Best Marijuana In World

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Cannabis tourism is thriving today on account of more countries legalizing the herb. It has opened paths for enthusiasts to travel far and wide worldwide to enjoy marijuana while embracing the picturesque views. While most countries allow tourists to use the herb, not all can offer the best marijuana.

Does your dream vacation include a good amount of high-grade marijuana? Read on to know the countries that produce the best marijuana you can visit to have a magical time.

Which are the Best Countries for Marijuana Travel?

Like every other marijuana lover, you must be searching for the countries that offer the best marijuana in the world. If you are looking for your next marijuana adventure destination, you’ve reached the right place.

Here are five countries that should be on your bucket list:

  1. Jamaica

The first thing that pops in mind when someone says Jamaica is Bob Marley and ‘Ganja.’ The Caribbean island offers a vibrant mix of reggae music, Rastafarians, and marijuana that adds up to a heavenly experience. The natives consider marijuana as sacred, and it is deeply rooted in their culture.

Jamaica’s topography includes mountains, pristine beaches, and lush mountains, with a pleasant climate that produces excellent marijuana. Kingston area is the place you need to be if you are looking for a good time. You can visit cafes, take guided tours, or pay homage to the Bob Marley Museum. You won’t have to look for marijuana in Jamaica, but ‘vendors’ come looking for you.

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  1. The United States of America

The USA has been a pioneer in marijuana legalization and has also contributed to its recent popularization. The country uses state-of-the-art technology and methods to cultivate the best weed, both in quality and quantity. Owing to it, America now has a booming marijuana industry with sales of $52 billion.

For the marijuana enthusiasts planning to holiday in the US, the states like Colorado and Washington must be on your itinerary. Colorado is a hub of dispensaries, with more than 450 stores spread across the state. You can have a holistic marijuana experience by trying marijuana tasting, edibles cooking class, and even a joint-rolling class. While you are exploring the pubs, tourist spots, or historical places, you can enjoy high-grade marijuana. You can also try the Denver Cannabis Tours to experience the best marijuana, along with the most exquisite views.

  1. Canada

Canada was among the first countries that realized the importance of marijuana and legalized it. With the recent change in laws, Canada has become a top spot for marijuana vacation. It has an open and welcoming culture that has led to creating some of the best strains.

The city of Toronto is a must-visit for all marijuana enthusiasts. You can find an abundance of cafes that allow you to enjoy your greens in the Kensington Market. Don’t miss out on Hot Box Café, where you can smoke and vape while enjoying their delicious marijuana-infused food. The legal dispensaries in the country will make it easy for you to buy your marijuana without inconvenience.

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  1. Afghanistan

If you thought you could find good marijuana only in the west, think again. Afghanistan is home to some of the finest cannabis in terms of quality. Besides that, it was one of the first countries where marijuana went into production, and you can find some of the oldest Kush strains here. You must try the famous and highly potent Afghan Kush while exploring the country. Afghanistan also offers beautiful mountains, a rich mix of cultures, and delicious food that you can enjoy with the abundance of marijuana strains.

  1. The Netherlands

The Netherlands has managed to become a haven for marijuana lovers. A majority of people consider Amsterdam as the reigning ‘weed capital’ of Europe. Although the herb is not legal in the country, they follow a tolerance policy, ensuring you won’t get arrested if you have 5g of marijuana with you.

When in the Netherlands, the best place to get high-quality marijuana is from the oldest coffee shops. Head to Amsterdam to enjoy the scenic beauty, architecture, and art while smoking marijuana. The cafes can also offer you delicious edibles, different strains, and high-grade hash. If you wonder where to begin your adventure, the Red Light District in Amsterdam is what you are looking for.          

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Final Thoughts

Almost every marijuana enthusiast has had the dream of trying new strains in the place where they originate from. The recent legalization and popularity of marijuana have made it possible for them to make their dream come true. You can enjoy the best marijuana while traveling, making it a magical experience. If you call yourself a true marijuana lover, it is time to pack your bags and check off the countries with the best marijuana from your travel bucket list.

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