Ohio Recalls Medical Cannabis Edibles Due to Heavy Metals

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The Ohio Department of Commerce has issued a mandatory recall on medical cannabis edibles due to noncompliant levels of heavy metals, according to a Cincinnati.com report.

The cannabis-infused chocolates, sold under the Encore Edibles brand, were processed by Canton-based Mother Grows Best and sold in eight dispensaries across the state between Aug. 17 and Oct. 1, the news outlet reported.

The edibles did not pass all the required tests before hitting store shelves and regulators found that they exceeded state thresholds for cadmium, a heavy metal typically found in soil and water, according to Cincinnati.com.

The Ohio Department of Commerce has launched an investigation into the issue, the news outlet reported, and in the meantime, patients who purchased the recalled edibles have been instructed to stop using them and return unused product to the dispensary where they were purchased.

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