Israeli company achieves success in possible cannabis treatment

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Canassure, an Israeli company that focuses on medical cannabis research, announced the successful completion of the first stage of research meant to examine the effects of the plant on skin-related diseases.
The fruit of ongoing cooperation between Canassure and a Swedish company named Lipidor, the research examined the possibility of using cannabinoids – the active substance in the plant – together with one the Lipidor's experimental skin products. 
The idea behind the innovative research is to use cannabinoids in the form of aerosol that can be applied on the patient's skin. 
The combination of Lipidor's unique aerosol technology together with Canassure's cannabinoids formula has proven its worth in pre-clinical trials. 
Dr. Hadie Ounallah-Saad, vice president of Canassure's R&D division, explained the idea behind the research, saying that "there is evidence showing that medical cannabis may alleviate skin problems."
The only difficulty is to ensure that the cannabinoids are properly absorbed by the skin. 
For this purpose, Canassure partnered with Lipidor, which has the necessary technology that can do just that.
Ido Nehushtan, Canassure's CEO, said that "the company is exploring various opportunities to develop and commercialize a wide range of new cannabis-based medical products." 
The use of cannabis for dermal treatments is currently limited at best. Since many millions around the world suffer from skin-related diseases, these two companies may ultimately provide a solution. 
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