A Quick Comparison Of Cannabis Tax Revenue By State

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For the past century, America has been in a fierce debate regarding the legal status of marijuana. And while individuals on both sides of the issue are passionate about their positions regarding the morality and safety of cannabis, those against legalization have largely had their way— until very recently.

Fast forward to the present day and you’ll see a significant change in the legal landscape. At the time of writing, 33 states allow medicinal marijuana use and 11 states allow legal recreational use. Furthermore, 9 additional states may organize a vote for legalization on their 2020 ballots.

So what changed? Among other things, the promise of marijuana tax revenue was a huge motivator. Reframing the marijuana debate around its merits as a tool for government funding has been extremely helpful for the pro-legalization cause, and it’s led many states to experiment with legalization.

But what are the results of this experiment?

Has legalization of recreational cannabis actually led to economic growth for these states? And what does this mean for the future of marijuana legalization in the country?

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This infographic republished with permission.

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