Michigan: Marijuana prices down, demand surging across state

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With recreational marijuana introduced locally, the industry is becoming more of an influence in the state’s economy reports WOOD-TV 8.

The state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency shows that prices are falling, while sales are on the rise.

The industry is broken up into two sections: medical and recreational. Medical is more restrictive and requires a special license, but recreational can be sold to anyone over 21.

“The medical market is a lot cheaper than the recreational market,” said Dean St. Peter, co-founder of ArCanna, a cannabis shop in Ionia.

“There’s a lot less taxation too. There’s an additional 10 percent excise tax on recreational cannabis that medical does not have.”


It’s because of the caregiver supply chain, a network of growers that’s been supplying the cannabis centers, which comes to an end on Oct. 1.

After that, prices are expected to go up for a while. But for now, people seem to be enjoying the low prices.

“We have a lot of unemployment right now,” St. Peter said. “People are sitting at home collecting benefits — enhanced benefits, in fact — and they’re enjoying their time at home.”

ArCanna, located off of Beardsley Road in Ionia, expects to start selling recreational marijuana within the next three months.

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