Want to legally grow weed in the Netherlands? You'll have to show you can produce at least 6,500 kilos per year

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The Dutch government has clarified some of the finer details of its new application to legally cultivate recreational cannabis.

As a part of a new experiment in the Netherlands to legalize the production of cannabis and its sale in coffee shops in the country, only applicants with the capability to produce a minimum of 6,500 kilograms per year will be considered, reports Marijuana Business Daily. That said, growers won’t necessarily be on the hook to produce that much.

With the new application, would-be cannabis growers in the Netherlands will have a lot more red tape to deal with in order to be licensed for production, including a background check and permission from the mayor of the jurisdiction where the cultivation is planned.

Legal growers will also need to buy seeds from licensed sellers and will be supplied with mandatory track-and-trace software provided by the government.

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