New Yorkers encouraged to call 911 if they spot 'marijuana smoking in progress'

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According to NYC 311, the official website of New York City, “Marijuana smoking in progress” is worthy of a 911 call.

“Bill de Blasio’s administration thinks cannabis consumption is an actual emergency that warrants urgent police attention,” reads a recent tweet from cannabis reporter Tom Angell. 

Some may say encouraging citizens to call 911 for public cannabis use is not only a waste of time and resource — like the state governor.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been vocal about his support of legalization, as have lawmakers and other state representatives. But Cuomo has also failed to get it passed two years in a row. This past March, it looked like things were on track until disagreements over where the tax revenue should flow put things on pause. Then the pandemic hit, and lawmakers missed the April 1 deadline to get cannabis on the budget. 

For his part, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has also come around to legalization, voicing his initial support in 2018, just days after Cuomo did the same. De Blasio hedged his support with some caveats: no public consumption and an age limit of 21. 

Medical consumers need not to worry. But for everyone else, this call for enforcement applies.

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