Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries set to start opening, with new rules now in place

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Medical marijuana dispensaries may open soon in Missouri, even despite setbacks posed to state government due to COVID-19.

Medical marijuana has technically been legal for Missouri cardholders since January 1, but administrative drawbacks make it less feasible for retailers to sell cannabis at present.

The state is requiring that cannabis plants in Missouri be grown from seeds, beginning on or after the January 1, 2020 cutoff.

Dr Randall Williams reported late last month that, although the issue was toward the bottom of his department’s list of concerns, the state is aiming to allow medical pot shops to open in “late July or early August.”

Last week lawmakers passed legislation that would require that all dispensary employees to be fingerprinted. The state has asked the FBI if its officials could piggy-back off of their national fingerprint database. The FBI said they would require this legislation to kick in before they would grant that kind of access.

The same bill also prohibited the sale of medical marijuana edibles in human or animal shapes, however geometric shapes such as circles, squares would be permissible.

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