Free weed has become a thing during COVID-19

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The spirit of generosity is alive and well, despite our ongoing battle against the spread of COVID-19. While we witness encouraging acts of kindness across all walks of life, the cannabis sector has been no stranger to decency and goodwill during this trying time.

Several individuals, companies and — indeed — entire regions, have ensured that cannabis is available for those who need it — or, in some cases, those who just really, really want it.

For instance, a drive-thru was recently set up in Michigan’s Montcalm County to provide those who have served in the military or are on Social Security disability with US$150 worth of weed. Meanwhile across the pond, a masked activist was covertly going door to door to provide free cannabis, toilet paper and hand sanitizer to people in Manchester, England

And that’s not it. In Sicily, medical cannabis has become free to people who suffer from certain conditions, including cerebral palsy, neuropathic pain, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain. Back on our own continent, cannabis cultivator Mario Guzman partnered with Barbary Coast dispensary to offer struggling San Franciscans an eighth of an ounce for just a buck.

Even more recently, several companies in Colorado have begun to supply free cannabis and CBD to those hardest hit by the coronavirus. The idea is to combat access issues and the crushing isolation, which will last until at least Apr. 26 in line with the state’s stay-at-home order, according to Merry Jane.

Green Dot Labs plans to donate quarter-ounces of weed to people who have lost their love ones to COVID-19, lost their jobs or continue work to protect and serve the community. For those who no longer are employed because of the economic meltdown, applicants can request a sample pack of CBD products worth US$50 through NewLeaf Brands Inc.’s website. And Flora’s Mercantile & Hemp Emporium plans to gift 2,000 mg bottles of CBD tinctures to healthcare workers and medical dispensary employees who apply on the company website.

FILE: U.K.-based cannabis activist, who goes by the name Outlaw, tried to make things easier for those in isolation with his van full of ‘free isolation essentials’. / Photo: Instagram Instagram

While free cannabis might not be available for everyone, there is some encouragement to be drawn from the fact that prices in the legal market appear to be dropping. Leafly reported earlier this month that the average price for weed in the U.S. is a smidge lower than it was the previous year.

Looking longer term, some companies in Canada are betting cheaper cannabis will be an important option for businesses to remain attractive.

Last October, HEXO Corp. began offering Original Stash, priced at $125.70 for an ounce (28 grams), or $4.49 per gram. There is also Twd. 28 from Canopy Growth, whose planned launch was this month, priced at $5.35 per gram and available in one-ounce increments.

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