Will These Marijuana Stocks Rebound In January

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Almost a decade after marijuana stocks started hitting the mainstream, the industry has been filled with many possibilities. With so many different areas of the cannabis industry, how can we even begin to predict the future? Well, for starters it seems as though some areas of marijuana stocks are growing with more propensity than others. This seems to be a competition between the pure-play cannabis growers, extraction providers, and multi-state operators.

These three categories alone support some of the largest market cap pot stocks in the industry and for good reason. Additionally, the three areas mentioned above have also seen the most investments in the market over the course of the past year or so. With that being said, this should not deny any investors the chance to take a look at other potential markets. These three areas just seem to be garnering the most attention. But, as the future rolls on, these areas seem to be pushing the most for innovation and growth.

This Leading Marijuana Stock Takes a Big Step Forward

1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF Stock Report) (TGIF) is one of the leasing pot stocks in the industry for vertically integrated businesses. The company operates through two wholly-owned subsidiaries. These subsidiaries help it branch out into several key sub-markets within the industry. These markets include everything from cultivation to processing, extraction and the manufacturing of assets. With its wide array of internal brands, the company stands out amongst most pot stocks as a key company to watch. Its most recent move, a licensing agreement is yet another example of the company setting itself up for future success.

1933 pot stock

The company recently announced a licensing agreement between its subsidiary Alternative Medicine Association and the company The Bloom Brand. The Bloom Brand is a development coming from the company Capna Intellectual Inc. Ester Vigil, President of 1933 Industries recently stated that “Our companies focus on end-use cannabis products that provide the highest quality ingredients and that are safe for consumers. Our goal is to expand beyond our proprietary AMA products and represent the very best cannabis brands in Nevada.” With this move, there’s no doubt that 1933 Industries remains a consistent pot stock to watch.

A Marijuana Stock With High Hopes

Flowr Corp. (FLWPF Stock Report) (FLWR)is a marijuana stock that has gotten some much-needed attention over the past few months. The company works by offering ultra-premium marijuana to its consumers. This specific market ensures that Flowr Corp. can keep a tight grasp on its margins and its products. The company has also not seen the heavy volatility of some of the other pure-play growers in the market.

This is again due to the niche aspect of the industry that this company occupies. A new growing campus should also help the company to boost the amount of cannabis that it can produce moving into the near future. With these factors considered, Flowr. Corp. is an interesting pot stock to watch for now.

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