Arizona Already Has 6 Marijuana Bills Filed for the 2020 Legislative Session

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Arizona already has 6 medical marijuana-related bills filed by lawmakers to kick-off the state’s 2020 legislative session.

Of the bills, these are the ones that would directly affect Arizona medical marijuana patients:

HB 2178

This bill would allow the state to expunge and erase the records of those arrested for marijuana possession. HB 2178, in part, reads:

“The court shall expunge the record of a person’s arrest, conviction and sentence for possessing marijuana in violation of section 13-3405, subsection A, paragraph 1. A person whose record is expunged shall be treated in all respects as if the person was never arrested, convicted or sentenced.”

“Within one year after the effective date of this section, all law enforcement agencies in the state and the clerk of the court in each county shall identify and destroy all records in the entity’s possession or control that are related to a person’s arrest, conviction and sentence for possessing marijuana in violation of section 13-3405, subsection A, paragraph 1.”

HB 2049

HB 2049 would add Opiod Use Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to Arizona’s list of qualify conditions for medical marijuana.

Two years ago, Arizonans attempted to add ASD as a qualifying condition, but the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) denied the petition due to lack of evidence that marijuana provides therapeutic benefits for ASD. However, earlier this year, a study found that cannabis can help children with ASD.

SB 1015

This bill would ban federally-banned pesticides from being used to cultivate marijuana in Arizona. SB 1015, in part, reads:

“…only pesticide products that are exempt from federal regulation under the minimum risk exemption regulations in 40 code of federal regulations section 152.25(f) may be used in cultivating marijuana for medical use.”


This bill would add electronic smoking devices, such as vaporizers, to the Smoke-Free Arizona Act, which would ban vaporizers from indoor use, just like cigarettes. HB 2173, in part, says that it would regulate:

“…any device that may be used to deliver an aerosolized or vaporized substance to the person who inhales from the device, including an e-cigarette, e-cigar, e-pipe, vape pen or e-hookah.”

View all marijuana bills in the Arizona Legislature here.

Help legalize marijuana for adult use in Arizona in 2020 by signing the Smart and Safe Arizona Act ballot initiative.

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