Study: Seattle one of few cities where cannabis use higher than cigarettes

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Seattle is one of just three cities in the country where marijuana use beats products containing nicotine.

More than 700,000 people age 18 and older in the Greater Seattle Area have consumed cannabis in the past 30 days, reports The Seattle Times. That’s approximately 17 percent of the population, whereas 16 percent used nicotine products like cigarettes and e-cigarettes, among others.

Portland has the nation’s highest percentage of pot consumers in the country, with around 20 per cent of adults saying they partake, followed by Las Vegas and Denver. And San Francisco is the only other city where cannabis is used more than nicotine.

The study by the market-research firm Nielsen shows that adults in the Seattle area who consume cannabis have a median household income of about $78,000. Those who smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco products average around $59,000. Cannabis consumers are also a lot more likely to be college graduates than nicotine users or vapers.

Unsurprisingly, the cities with the highest use occur in states that have the broadest legalization laws, though Albuquerque-Santa Fe has the highest use in a state where cannabis is still prohibited.

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