‘This is going to put me out of business:’ New York police still haven’t returned legal hemp to owner of CBD shop

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A case of mistaken identity might end up costing a Brooklyn, N.Y. man his livelihood.

Oren Levy, the owner of Green Angel CBD, was waiting on a shipment of legal hemp from his producer in Vermont last month when New York police came swooping in and confiscated the 106-pound delivery upon arrival at a FedEx outlet.

Police proudly posed with the massive seizure before realizing the US$20,000 shipment was not marijuana, but rather its non-intoxicating cousin, hemp.

Levy’s brother, Ronen, was arrested by police when he arrived to pick up the delivery. “He was in shock,” Oren Levy told The New York Times. “They treated him like a criminal.”

Brooklyn’s district attorney’s office told NBC New York last month that the charges would be dropped when the brothers appeared in court this week, but that did not happen. “We went into the courtroom and what they did is they gave us another court date, May 29, 2020,” Levy reported.

The frustrated store owner said that each box in the delivery contained paperwork from a lab that confirmed it was legal hemp. The product has not been returned and officials have not offered an explanation for moving forward with the case.

“They are playing with us now,” Levy said in an interview with the Burlington Free Press. “This is definitely going to put me out of business.”

Levy added that he has been forced to borrow money from family to keep his CBD shop — which he said helps treat patients suffering from cancer, arthritis and autism — from going under. The ordeal has taken a huge toll.

“I lost buyers, I lost suppliers, my brother’s not sleeping at night, I’m not sleeping at night, I lost over 10 pounds since this whole situation happened.”

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