Fine-tuning your grow lights increases the effectivity of your lighting system

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Commercial cannabis cultivation is a complex and delicate process often made even more difficult with so many suppliers to choose from. Choosing grow lights can be particularly challenging with so many options on the market claiming to be the best in the cannabis industry. How do you choose and who do you trust?

The cost to run a commercial facility is continually increasing and as a result there has been an emphasis on increasing efficiency in growing facilities by both growers and manufacturers. Lighting companies are capitalizing on growers wanting to lower their energy costs by marketing their products as being the most efficient option but what growers must consider is that while efficiency is important, it’s the effectivity of your lighting system that matters most. An increase in crop value thanks to higher quality yields will almost always outperform energy savings.

The effectivity of grow lights refers to the impact the lighting regime has on both the quality and quantity of your yields. There are three aspects which determine the effectivity of grow lighting:

  • Light intensity, which refers to the number of photons available per second per m2. The light intensity defines available energy.
  • Light distribution (radiation/beam characteristics) defines how and where the available light will reach the plant.
  • Spectrum, or spectral distribution, defines how plants react to the given light and which processes are triggered. For example, certain amounts of light will push the light into its flowering stage or increase levels of THC or CBD.

Many grow lighting manufacturers will make claims about having the perfect spectrum for optimal growth even though the only perfect light spectrum, the sun, is not static. The sun’s spectrum changes throughout the day, the year and according to the location of the plant.

COMPLED Solutions understands that cannabis plants must experience a full range of light spectrum for optimal growth. Prioritizing crop quality, COMPLED has been providing growers with innovative, fully tunable LED grow lights since 2010.

The ability to fine-tune both the intensity and spectrum of grow lights increases the effectivity of the light by reducing stress. Fine-tuning also helps to deliberately trigger important processes in the plant, all of which can be customized according to your needs. Growers who fine-tune their light intensity and spectrum are likely to see an increase in the quality of their crop.

With this in mind, COMPLED has created the world’s most versatile LED grow lighting platform, the Cropter.

The Cropter is the first LED grow light that allows growers to fine-tune the light intensity, the spectrum and light distribution, providing total control over the cultivation process. To simplify the process even more, COMPLED has a variety of Pioneer Pro packages available depending on how many lights you need. Each package includes the necessary equipment including Cropters, Controllers, grow tents and fan systems as well as multiple hours of remote consultancy.

With the fine-tuning abilities of a Cropter system, growers can see yields higher that 1.2 pound per square foot annually. The overall bud quality as well as cannabinoid and terpene levels will also increase.

A lighting system in a commercial cannabis facility is a substantial investment and should be made with a quality end product in mind. Making a lighting decision based solely on energy efficiency or acquisition costs should be avoided. Again, more important than efficiency is effectivity, so work with experts who understand the effectivity of their grow lights, such as the team at COMPLED.

You can visit COMPLED at MJBizCon December 11 to 13 at booth C6840. Click here to schedule a meeting to discuss your lighting requirements with a member of the COMPLED team next month at MJBizCon. 

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