A majority of Arizona voters want marijuana legalized, a poll says

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Fifty four percent of registered voters in Arizona approve of the legalization of marijuana, according to a new poll from OH Predictive Insights. The numbers show that only 33% of registered Arizona voters oppose the marijuana legalization.

“Arizona could be the 12th state to have legalized marijuana for adult use,” said Mike Noble, with the polling firm OH Predictive Insights.

The support holds across the state, with 58% of voters in Pima County approving and 55% in Maricopa County.

“Among even Republicans, who have been the most fervent against the recreational legalization, even they were slightly above water when it came to support,” said Noble.

In 2016, Arizona voters failed a ballot proposition legalizing recreational marijuana. The issue did not make the ballot two years ago, but efforts are underway to put it in front of voters in 2020.

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