Ohio’s medical marijuana program issues first mandatory recall

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The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program is recalling a product, the first in the program’s short history, according to Cleveland.com.

The mandatory recalled was issued Friday for Pineapple Express Rosin, processed by One Orijin.

According to the Medical Marijuana Control Program, the company did not follow the proper procedure during production.

All purchase dates are included in the recall, and the product IDs are as following:

  • M00000038808: Sol Vap 62.3 – 12.6 – 5
  • M00000039812: Sol Vap 59.8 – 0.025 – 5
  • M00000036317: Sol Vap 45.85 – 47.44 – 10
  • M00000036932: Sol Vap 48.79 – 50.59 – 10
  • M00000037232: Sol Vap 68.8 – 0.18 – 5
  • M00000038319: Sol Vap 40.7 – 46.8 – 10

No reports of adverse reactions have been reported, but patients who have purchased the product are asked to stop using it.

All unused product should be returned to the dispensary where purchased. Returned products will not count toward a patient’s 90-day possession limit. 

Any adverse reactions should be reported via the toll-free helpline at 1-833-464-6627.

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