Most marijuana vape products quarantined by Mass. Health Officials

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A quarantine was ordered for most marijuana vaping products in Massachusetts Tuesday, extending the state's efforts to control vaping products amid a nationwide epidemic of lung injuries.

Exempt from the quarantine are medical marijuana products designed specifically for devices for medical marijuana flower vaping, the state Cannabis Control Commission said. Massachusetts' ban on vape-related products for medical marijuana users was lifted as the quarantine went into effect.

Among the products affected by the commission's quarantine order are "vape pens, vape cartridges, aerosol products, and inhalers," according to a statement from the agency.

The commission noted that federal health investigators are examining whether vitamin E acetate, which may be found in legal marijuana products, is causing the lung injuries that have sickened hundreds of people in Massachusetts and many more across the country.

[NECN] Baker's Vape Ban to Be Lifted for Medical Marijuana Users
The Baker administration's vape sales ban will be lifted for medical marijuana patients beginning at noon.

The Cannabis Control Commission's quarantine order requires businesses that offer marijuana vape or aerosolization products not to sell them, unless they are designed only to vaporize marijuana flowers for patients with a medical use for it.

It's the latest measure that Gov. Charlie Baker's administration has taken since he declared a public health emergency over vaping and banned vaping-related products for four months.

The vape industry has challenged those actions in court.

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