The Industry’s Most Dependable DE Grow Light Is Now Available for Preorder

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Gorilla has been one of the most trusted brands in the industry for over six years, manufacturing products with a level of quality and design previously unseen.

They recently turned that same attention to detail, love of growing, and passion for quality towards horticultural lighting, and have created the industry’s most dependable fixture—the all-new Gorilla DE Pro Series grow light.

Gorilla DE Pro Series features:

·         The industry’s LOWEST failure rate - Under 0.1%

·         50% LONGER bulb life - Low-frequency square wave design ensures stable power, optimum PPF, less depreciation of output, and increased bulb life

·         Optimized reflector - Engineered to produce a broad, even PPFD throughout the footprint and eliminates hot-spots

·         Runs both HPS and CMH bulbs

·         Runs COOLER & more efficient - Over-engineered heat sink and thermals mean the DE Pro Series runs cooler than any other DE on the market

·         Commercial-Grade Protection - Built for the rigors of commercial environments, all components are silicon-coated to protect against humidity and dust

Today, Gorilla has released a limited number of DE Pro Series fixtures for preorder, with a full online release slated for November 1st. For more details, please email a Gorilla lighting expert at or call 855-448-4769 for a complimentary custom digital lighting plan and to secure your preorder! You can also take a look at the full Grow Strong Industries catalog online now!

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