Legalize in Ukraine: Who already makes money on legal hemp

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Cannabis in Ukraine is illegal, but the country is in the process of legalization of cannabis for medical purposes. On January 30, the Ukrainian Association of Medical Cannabis created the petition with the backing of 16 public organizations on the Verkhovna Rada website. The petition said that medical cannabis could greatly help Ukrainians suffering from a wide range of ailments. 

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Is the official hemp business possible in Ukraine? Who can participate in it and how much can you earn?

Useful data

Cannabis or hemp is an annual plant. Previously, it served as food, paper, rope, rope, thread, clothing, and shoes. In 1961, the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs added cannabis to the list of plants containing narcotic drugs. All States parties have an obligation to strictly control their cultivation.

On the last day of January, Acting Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun called on the public to sign a petition on the legalization of cannabis preparations for medical purposes. A public petition to legalize marijuana dates back to October 2018.

Since then the petition has garnered only 7,000 votes, with 25,000 required for further consideration. Suprun claims that it is time for Ukraine to follow the example of other countries and legalize marijuana for medical and scientific purposes.

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Cannabis earlier was served as good, rope, paper, thread, clothing and good. (Source)

Hemp in Ukrainian

Apart from Ukrainian scientists are in solidarity with Suprun. Back in 2017, they wrote an open appeal to the government about the impossibility of conducting scientific research of cannabinoids in Ukraine under the existing legislation.

The government has included solutions to this problem in the 2018 work plan, but so far nothing has been solved.

In fact, Ukraine already has a fairly good production of cannabis. However, only technical, which produces fabrics. Also, legally, farmers can earn on the production and export of cannabis seeds. Oil production has its base on these materials.

Permits to grow cannabis in Ukraine

Approximately three dozen enterprises in Ukraine have permits for growing cannabis. About ten companies sow this crop on an area of about 3000 hectares. Oleksandr Ignatyuk, the president of the Ukrainian Technical Hemp Association, explains such insignificant volumes by the fact that there are practically no facilities for processing this crop in Ukraine.

The second factor is that agribusiness is very risky because of the increased attention to hemp growers of law enforcers. In Ukraine, the use of marijuana (produced from hemp) is not legal. But the production, distribution, transportation, and sale of cannabis is legal.

According to Ignatyuk, cannabis is a high-margin crop.  Seed production provides $500-700 per hectare for a 50% profit margin. If the production waste has its process, the earnings will increase to $2,000 per hectare, he adds. But the seed and the trust are trifles if to compare it with leaves and inflorescences, where one hectare can earn up to $100,000, the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences has calculated. 

You can not earn money on the curative properties of cannabis in Ukraine. Its “recreational properties” is not a subject for industrial production of culture before its legalization.

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Three dozen enterprises in Ukraine have permits for growing cannabis (Source)

Marijuana as a cure

The most common reason for the legalization of cannabis herb in the world is the use of cannabis for medical purposes. You can find treatment for cannabis herb in Poland, Germany, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Australia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Cambodia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, as well as Jamaica. 

You can take five grams of marijuana for treatment in Argentina. Chilean pharmacies have been selling cannabis since 2017. Israel legalized medical cannabis last year. Medical cannabis herb is also legal in Macedonia, Croatia, Romania, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and several other countries.

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