Mandatory testing now required for medical marijuana sales in Oklahoma

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The content of your weed could be a lot more than just THC.

News 4 went to the labs responsible for testing medical marijuana in Oklahoma and found out some distributors in the industry are skimping on their safety procedures.

Just drive down North May Avenue and you can't look left or right without seeing a medical marijuana dispensary.

Some are even calling it "The Green Mile."

But are the products you're buying safe?

The industry was unregulated in Oklahoma until the Unity Bill went into effect recently, making safety testing at licensed labs mandatory.

"We're talking about $40 a pound," Wendy Hampton, CEO at Express Toxicology Services, said.

Their Edmond facility mostly tests marijuana sent to them by growers and processors.

"This is medicine, and lots of people with compromised immune systems are using this as a true form of medicine," Hampton said.

That's why it'd be dangerous if the products are not tested for everything, such as metals and pesticides.

And according to some labs licensed to test everything, some in the industry are doing the bare minimum.

"The heavy metals, the pesticides, the microtoxins, all can be lethal things if not looked at properly, and that's the one testing that's not going on right now," William Webb said.

Webb owns Quality Cannabis Laboratories in Edmond.

With a limited number of state agents enforcing the new laws, Webb started going to dispensaries himself.

"Out of approximately 55 dispensaries I went to, only one of them had the correct testing, the full panel," Webb said.

Dispensaries should be able to provide you test results.

Labs are required to keep results for two years and allow the Oklahoma Department of Health access to them.

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