How greasy foods might make CBD more effective

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A new study says that ingesting foods containing high amounts of fat might boost the therapeutic effects of CBD.

Most things in life can be improved with a slice of pizza and a greasy burger. Thanks to some science, we can now add CBD to this list.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota discovered that consuming foods with high amounts of fat before ingesting CBD improved the cannabinoid’s absorption rate by a large margin, allowing for more therapeutic effects.

The study, published in the journal Epilepsia, provided CBD capsules to a group of eight patients suffering from refractory epilepsy, and documented their responses to the drug—both while fasting and while consuming a high-fat meal. While the scope of the study was very limited, the results were promising.

Patients who consumed a fatty meal and later ingested CBD experienced 14 times more CBD effects than patients who consumed the cannabinoid while fasting.

“The type of food can make a large difference in the amount of CBD that gets absorbed into the body. Although fatty foods can increase the absorption of CBD, it can also increase the variability, as not all meals contain the same amount of fat,” explains one of the authors of the study.

CBD has long shown promise for treating and preventing seizures, presumably why researchers decided to conduct this study in the first place.

Although CBD reacts differently depending on the body and the ailment that it’s targeting, learning this fact about fat foods is curious, because it goes against traditional beliefs of drugs and their relationships with foods. The latter traditionally diminishes the effects of whatever is being ingested.

Researchers from the study claim that this discovery may reduce costs for patients with epilepsy, decreasing the amount of CBD they must consume in the long term. It also supports the view that high fat foods are the best method of alternative medicine.

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