‘The Father of Cannabis Research’ recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award and $10,000 grant

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Raphael Mechoulam has spent a lifetime studying cannabis—now he’ll receive the highest of honours for his work.

The Arcview Group will celebrate the cannabis king with a Lifetime Achievement Award and a $10,000 research grant in its first annual cannabis awards presentation at the Arcview Investor Forum on Oct. 3.

“Raphael Mechoulam’s contribution to our understanding and ability to use the cannabis plant for positive benefits is immeasurable,” read a release from Arcview.

An Israeli pot pioneer born in Bulgaria, Mechoulam was a budding chemist in the 1960s who became the first to isolate cannabinoids like THC and anandamide.

It set off a chain reaction of breakthroughs like discovering the endocannabinoid system (how the brain’s neurotransmitters interact with cannabinoids), how cannabis plants make cannabinoids and the medicinal properties of cannabis.

Now 88, the original reefer researcher is reaping the rewards

Now 88, the original reefer researcher is reaping the rewards.

“Cannabis research has never been more critical to the future of our industry, especially as the federal government (U.S.) begins processing dozens of pending applications for the steps necessary to improve access to marijuana research,” said Arcview CEO and co-founder Troy Dayton.

“No one is more deserving than Raphael of our Lifetime Achievement Award. We can’t wait to see what he uncovers next.”

Arcview will also try to honour Mechoulam by naming future recipients of this award the “Arcview Raphael Mechoulam Lifetime Achievement Award.”

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