A weed museum is coming to Hollywood

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Weedmaps recently announced its Weedmaps Museum of Weed will open to the public on August 3 in Hollywood, California. The museum aims to educate people in a fun and interactive way, while inspiring them to support pro-cannabis advocacy and reform efforts.

The 30,000 square-foot museum will be curated with interactive exhibits, art installations, historical artifacts and Instagrammable art installations. It will combine immersive elements and natural history.

“An important piece to talk about where cannabis demonstrations haven't ventured before is our Plant Lab Exhibit,” said a company spokesperson. “In it, we will break down the biology of the plant and help explain to our audience in layman's terms how this plant interacts with your body. What's unique about it is that we're taking extremely complex ideas and making a fun and enjoyable way of learning about the various topics in a way that feels like something you'd find in an art museum.”

Adding to these comments, Madeline Donegan, global brand manager of Weedmaps, told Benzinga the company designed the museum to be fun and engaging but, above all, educational.

"The story of cannabis is nuanced and largely misunderstood, and our goal with the museum is to demystify weed, help visitors explore its uses throughout human history and understand the serious impact prohibition has had on society," Donegan said. "The museum takes visitors on a curated, museum-quality journey through the history of cannabis, from ancient history to the War on Drugs and beyond. Most importantly, there’s something for everyone at the Weedmaps Museum of Weed -- from cannabis connoisseurs to those who are simply curious.”

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