A Philadelphia university will now offer MBA specifically for the cannabis industry

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University of the Sciences, a Philadelphia-based university, has announced the launch of an addition to their Masters of Business Adminstration (MBA) specifically designed for the cannabis industry. While other courses touch on cannabis topics, USciences believes this is the first course of its kind to tie in commerce of cannabis, hemp, and dispensary operations.

The coursework is an option of USciences’ specialized MBA in pharmaceutical and healthcare business curriculum and involves four-course packs and electives that are specific to medical cannabis regulations and industry. The option will involve all aspects of the legal cannabis industry, including courses such as Cannabis and Marketing, Medical Cannabis Industry, Finance and Regulation, and Competitive Analysis and Strategic Business Planning.

“As the industry grows, and the potential for medical cannabis to converge with the pharmaceutical industry, a specialization in pharmaceutical and healthcare business will be an asset to those in the cannabis industry,” Andrew Peterson, executive director of the Substance Use Disorders Institute, said in an official statement. “A combination of healthcare, pharmaceutical, and cannabis business knowledge and expertise will be incredibly valuable as graduates move forward in their career,” he added.

According to a statement Peterson made to the Inquirer, the university anticipates interest from existing students in the program as well as attracting new prospective students. They anticipate that there will be no issue achieving the target of 15-20 students per class.

USciences is currently accepting enrollment for the cannabis course option and will begin online classes in September.

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