Marijuana stocks fueled by alternative cannabis products

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Alternative cannabis products have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. In only a short period of time, a series of new health and wellness products have almost taken over parts of the cannabis stock market. Many companies have begun to research and develop these products as the pot market demand becomes increasingly high. The demand for these innovative products remains very high. For this reason, now is more the time than ever to take a look at these marijuana stocks.

A Lesser-Known Pot Stock to Watch

AgraFlora Organics (AGRA) (PUFXF) is a company currently operating out of the London, ON marijuana market. Additionally, the company operates as a growth-oriented and diversified business that is in the production of indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation. They do this at a large-scale 2.2 million square foot greenhouse facility that they are a joint partner on with Propagation Services Canada. With a very successful track record of boosting shareholder value, their future prospects continue to appear bright.

A Big Announcement for AgraFlora Organics

The company recently announced that they have begun their phase 1 product development of their pharmaceutical grade beverage dispensing cap tech. With cannabis-infused beverages quickly becoming the talk of the town, AgraFlora Organics continues to sit at the top. Interestingly enough, AgraFlora Organics recently signed into an exclusive licensing agreement with Trust and Release Dose Cap. The latter is a patented dispensing cap technology that allows for the preservation of various CBD and THC extracts.

Cannabis-infused beverages continue to receive large amounts of investment from around the pot stock industry. With so much money going into this side of the industry, the development of new tech to fit the desire for products seems like a solid move. According to the company, this new cap will “protect volatile ingredients such as cannabinoids, antibiotics, probiotics, vitamins and minerals, the Twist & Release Dose Cap is engineered to provide optimized ingredient effectiveness for the end consumers.”

With their focus heavily relying on some of the highest quality product in the industry, long shelf life and premium packaging solutions will help to give the brand its identity. As AgraFlora Organics continues to move to the top of the industry, investors should watch the moves they choose to make.

A Strong Marijuana Stock Producing Large Cannabis Quantities

Aleafia Health (NASDAQOTH:ALEAF) is a marijuana producer with a market cap just south of $300 million. While this may not put as a top ten producer, it definitely shows that they are committed to getting there. The company made big news after purchasing Emblem in an all-stock deal. For those who don’t know, Emblem is a health and wellness clinic that operates through the retail sales of cannabis. As a medicinal company, they have access to a more niche market than recreational, with less competition. Production for the company is upwards of 140,000 kilograms of marijuana. For this reason, Aleafia Health definitely deserves a first or a second look.

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