Marijuana-Infused Ice Cream Floated In Framingham, Massachusetts

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As Framingham has cleared the way for six businesses applying for marijuana licenses to start negotiations with the mayor, one business stands out for its sweet appeal. Cloud Creamery makes marijuana-infused ice cream for hospitals and dispensaries. It was the first marijuana product manufacturer to get the green light from the Marijuana Advisory Team to move forward with negotiations.

The business has plans to move into a location at 115 Herbert Street. But there won't be a pot-ice cream shop there — the company would only make the treats for outside vendors and would not be permitted to sell their product onsite. The application also says the business is at a unique advantage since it's the only company on the East Coast producing cannabis-infused ice cream.

Cloud Creamery is branded as a locally sourced edible choice for patients and adult users of marijuana. In its application, it says the strongest group of customers for the company are people suffering from an auto-immune disease as well as those who possess a medical marijuana card.

The financial goal for Cloud Creamery is to earn over $400,000 in their first year of operation, according to their application. While dispensaries will be a chunk of the income, the company plans on getting most of its income from hospice facilities, hospitals and casinos.

David Yusefzadeh is the owner of Cloud Creamery and the sole proprietor with 95% of the equity. Yusefzadeh spent 17 years in the restaurant and hotel industry from Hong Kong to Chicago. He has opened multiple restaurants as well as been involved with two separate start-ups involved in food innovation.

According to the application Cloud Creamery has plans to work with four different dispensary companies in the Boston area as well as two third-party delivery services.

The company still has to negotiate a host community agreement with Mayor Yvonne Spicer before any business can start.

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