Second cannabis retail store opens in Toronto

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A second cannabis retail store has opened in Toronto in one of the city’s wealthiest areas.

Ameri, is a small cannabis store located at 20 Cumberland St. in Yorkville, located amid the high-rise towers in the area that are home to some of Toronto’s wealthiest residents.

The store says that technology will play a key role in the visitor experience.

“We’re trying to be a more boutique location with knowledgeable staff. We want people to enjoy their visit, get what they need and hopefully we can be of assistance,” said Rob, a store manager. The company has a policy for staff to provide their first names only due to concerns about crossing the Canada-U.S. border.

Customers at Ameri will be able to look at product in-person, but can also use one of the tablets in-store to learn about and compare different strains of cannabis. Customers can then enter their order into the tablet before picking up and paying for their order at the “express counter”.

The staff at Ameri has said that the prices at this location will likely be a bit more expensive than prices across the province.

“Hopefully the experience and the availability of the product will instantly make it worthwhile,” said Rob, adding that the store has a lot of product and guarantees they won’t be running out of product anytime soon. “We have more than enough product. There’s no need to panic to come down and buy product.”

The Hunny Pot, located on Queen Street W. in Toronto, is the only other retail location open in Toronto that opened on April 1. Across Ontario, 25 retail licenses were given to cannabis retailers, but of those 25, only 11 shops are currently opened despite the April 1 deadline. It’s expected that Toronto will see at least five stores in total over the next few weeks.

“I see the next wave of interest is when you end up with a Tim Hortons for cannabis and they’re popping up on every street corner,” said Rob. “Will that happen? I don’t know but I think that will be the next wave of interest.”

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